Maintaining a healthy body through diet

Food is like medication to your body. Yes, you heard me right! If you yearn to live a longer, happier and healthy life, then you need to consume the proper amounts of the right foods. Mentioned below are some medicinal foods that you should consider stocking in your kitchen if your goal is maintaining a healthy body through diet.

Maintaining a healthy body through diet


Recent research shows that cinnamon plays a significant role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels in diabetes patients. Sprinkling half a teaspoon of your food every day is enough to do the trick. However, if you have diabetes, you should consult with your physician before you start meddling with your diet or try something new. Cinnamon is safe and delicious so make sure that you sprinkle some into your apple pie or oats.fdgdfgdfgdfghgfh


Studies into this yellow curry indicate that it can help cure some illnesses of Alzheimer’s disease to arthritis to cancer. Though there is still lots of research going on about turmeric, nutritionists think there is enough reason to add it to your daily diets.


Garlic is well known for its various medicinal properties. Even registered medics quite often recommend this pungent allium to their patients to manage conditions such as high blood pressure, cold just to mention a few. So make sure that you stock garlic in your kitchen every time.fdhdfhfghfghfghgfhgfh

Cayenne pepper

Have lots of phlegm accumulated in your throat? If that is the case, you must be experiencing difficulty in breathing, and if you can get your medication online or at the nearest store, then you will be glad to have a cayenne pepper jar in your kitchen. Why? Just like capsicum, cayenne pepper will clear your throat and make you feel better.

Fennel seeds

For centuries now, people have been chewing on fennel seeds which are similar to aniseeds in taste. The seeds will assist you to get rid of the trapped gas in your stomach. Drinking fennel tea will help you to solve digestion problems if you are experiencing an upset. If you have delivered a baby and suffering problems to produce milk to feed your baby, then consider including these seeds in your diet.


Ginger is a prominent root. It is available in its natural or powdered form because of its exotic taste. Furthermore, it can be used in relieving nausea. Most pregnant women drink or chew ginger when they experience morning sickness instead of using conventional medicine.


This sweet herb goes very well with spaghetti bolognese. It is famous for relieving stomach discomfort caused by indigestion, stomach cramps, and constipation too. These are just several of the many good reasons to stock this herb in your kitchen.


Its worth remembering that you should always make consultations with your doctor before adjusting your diet especially if you are sick. When using the foods as mentioned above and you experience any symptoms that you cant shake contact your doctor as soon as possible. That aside, using these foods as medicine will make your life easier and your health better.

How To Deal With Stress

Getting stressed out is quite common. There are many factors which can lead to stress, such as losing your job, the death of a loved one, facing a financial crisis, or having relationship issues among many others. Doing nothing about your stress can lead to poor mental health, which in turn will affect your physical health and overall lifestyle. You need to employ effective techniques to counter the stress within the shortest time possible.

Tips to deal with stress

There are many techniques, which you can apply as a counter measure of stress. However, not all of them work effectively. In fact, some may even worsen the situation without it being apparent. You should be careful when choosing a tactic to apply to cope with stress. Below are a few tips to help you out with it.


This is a safe and effective method of dealing with stress. You simply need to do any kind of physical activity such as walking, jogging, working out in a gym, playing your favorite sports, or even doing some house chores. Exercise helps to get your mind off whatever is causing your stress, thus relieving the symptoms of stress that you are experiencing. Physical exercise also causes the body to release more endorphin, a hormone that has an effect of making you feel good. When your body is pumped up with this hormone, you will be affected less by the stress you are facing.

Avoid unhealthy coping strategies

As mentioned earlier, there are some coping mechanisms, which are not quite healthy or productive. Such may cause more harm than good to both your mental and physical health. Examples include consuming too much alcohol, smoking, using relaxation pills, procrastinating, withdrawing from family and friends, oversleeping, taking out stress on others, and abusing drugs among many others. You need to analyze your coping mechanism and determine if it is productive. Avoid any coping strategy that can have any negative impact.

Seek professional help

futsud6ftdu5t6uThere are some cases when the stress can be too overwhelming for you to handle it on your own. This usually happens when the cause of the stress is significant, and there is probably nothing that you can do to resolve the situation. A good example includes the loss of loved ones. A professional will help you get through whichever situation you are facing to ensure that the problem does not have any long-term psychological impact on you.